Leadership Reimagination Enterprise

Reimagination as an Enterprise

The word “enterprise” refers to an undertaking or project that is especially difficult, complicated, or risky (Merriam-Webster).  Leadership re-imagination as an enterprise, therefore, means that the task of leadership re-imagination must be assumed to be difficult, complicated, and risky.  Among the reasons for this, is the fact that leadership re-imagination as a way of leading runs counter the expectations and habits of most people who work in organizations and serve in community groups.  Thus, the leader who is committed to re-imagination will face resistance and may attract hostile others. 


The enterprise being pursued by this website and the activities pursued by its host and owner.  The objective is to influence the lives of individuals, as well as the systems and processes in organizations, and politics and polices in Jamaica and (by proxy) the Caribbean and other parts of the to adopt or embrace elements of the reimaginative leadership model.

The “Business” of Advocacy

Advocacy means the adoption of a staunch stance of commitment to fight in support of a cause.  The assumption of the need to adopt a stance of advocacy is predicated on the expectation that there are those to whom the idea needs to be sold, and among them are likely to be persons who may oppose.  The assumption here then is that for reimaginative leadership to become a way of life at the individual, organizational, and national levels, there has to be a relentless pursuit of promoting the cause

What is Leadership Reimagination?

Based on my life’s experiences and reflection of leadership and living, I have come to the place where I understand Leadership re-imagination to be a mode of engagement in which the leader operates with a worldview which is informed by seven principles. While each principle may be viewed as standing on its own, my reasoning of the construct of leadership re-imagination means that these seven principles or characteristics are to be seen as part of a composite whole. Thus, I submit that leadership re-imagination involves: :

(a)     the creation of a better way of doing things, of being, of living, and of producing improved results is the heart of effective living and leading;

(b)     opportunities for finding better alternatives to producing desired results should always be pursued;

(c)     being self-critical is a is a necessary component of growth and is a foundational disposition for the discipline of being able to listen to alternative perspectives and learning from past errors;

(d)     pursuing a larger agenda that is beyond personal interests and includes the well-being of others gives greater meaning to life than being consumed with personal interests;

(e)     building trustful relationships is at the heart of being effective in leading and influencing others;

(f)      leading others through influence and inspiration is a more powerful and sustainable way to lead rather than relying on control and instruction;

(g)     being courageous involves standing up for the things in which one believes and pursuing them diligently, even when you are unable to win everyone to buy into your vision as you pursue  better ways of doing things; of being; of living; and producing improved results.

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